Coincidences in the play coincidences are written all throughout the play and mainly consist of things hinting at death and the stars above. Here are some of them : The first coincidence is in the prologue where it says ” a pair of star-crossed lovers take their life”  lady capulet – ” i would the […]

Act 4 Scene 5 Scene summary Romeo and Juliet Place: Juliet’s bedroom Time: Wednesday Morning The nurse walks into Juliet’s room and tries to wake her up, but realises she is dead. The nurse calls in Juliet’s parents to tell them the news. They start to organise the funeral for Juliet. quote: lady capulet- alack the […]

Act 4 Scene 2 and scene 3 Scene Summary Place: Capulet household Time: Tuesday afternoon Juliet apologizes to her father, and agrees to marry Paris. They discuss the weddings plans and what Juliet will be wearing. Juliet worries about the potion she is going to take and what will happen when she wakes up. The […]

Act 4 Scene 1 Scene Summary place: Friar Lawrence’s cell Time: Tuesday morning Friar Lawrence talks to Paris about Paris marrying Juliet . Juliet enters and try’s to come up with a solution to get out of marrying Paris . Friar Lawrence explains his plan to Juliet .His plan is for Juliet to fake her […]

Act 3 Scene 5 Scene summary Place: Juliets bedroom Time:  Very early tuesday morning Romeo and Juliet are in Juliets room when they are interrupted, Romeo quickly escapes out the window. Capulet and lady capulet talk to Juliet and threaten to banish her from their household if she does’nt marry Paris.

Act 3 Scene 4 Scene summary place : Capulets house Time : late Monday evening Capulet, Lady Capulet and Paris discuss plans to make Juliet marry Paris.

Scene 1 act 3 summary time: monday place: a street in Verona Mercutio and Benvolio start in the scene , tybalt enters and asks for where Romeo is . Romeo enters and tybalt begins to insult Romeo and Romeo doesn’t retaliate because he knows he can’t because he is now  married to Juliet . Mercutio […]