Scene 1 act 3 summary time: monday place: a street in Verona Mercutio and Benvolio start in the scene , tybalt enters and asks for where Romeo is . Romeo enters and tybalt begins to insult Romeo and Romeo doesn’t retaliate because he knows he can’t because he is now  married to Juliet . Mercutio […]

Summary Setting: Outside the Capulets orchard time : Late Sunday night Romeo hides from Mercurio and Benvolio as they joke about Romeos   Love for Rosaline.

how does Shakespeare use metaphor to show Romeo’s inner thoughts in Act 1, scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet ?  In the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare , Shakespeare uses many metaphors to communicate the internal thoughts inside the characters minds. In Act 1 , Scene 4 , Romeo is explaining a […]

Act 1 scene 2 summary Time: Sunday night Setting : the party at the Capulets house. Romeo, Benvolio and Mercutio enter the party. Tybalt recognizes Romeos voice and the Romeo is a Montague he explains this to Capulet and insists on killing Romeo but Capulet tells him not to as he doesn’t want to cause […]

Act 1 Scene  4 Summary Place  : street outside Capulets house When : Sunday evening Romeo has a dream about the future. Mercutio tries to tell Romeo that not all dreams are good and “that dreamers often lie ” . Romeo decides he must attend this party as God did this to him for a […]

Act 1 Scene 3 Summary Place: the Capulets house Time: sunday afternoon Lady Capulet asks Juliet on her thoughts to marry , Juliet is quick to answer saying “that is an honour i dream not of” Lady Capulet explains that Paris is in fact in love with Juliet and wishes to marry her. Lady Capulet […]

summary act 1 scene 2 Paris talks to old Capulet ( Juliet’s father) if he can marry his daughter Juliet , old Capulet says , Juliet is too young but if he gets her to love him first it may happen. Capulet gives a list of names to invite to a party to a servant, […]