23rd February 2017

romeo and juliet – act 1 scene 2

summary act 1 scene 2

Paris talks to old Capulet ( Juliet’s father) if he can marry his daughter Juliet , old Capulet says , Juliet is too young but if he gets her to love him first it may happen.

Capulet gives a list of names to invite to a party to a servant, the servant can’t read but takes the job anyway and meets Benvolio and Romeo (of the Montagues ) and asks them if they could help him read the list of names. the servant says ”if you be not of the house of capulet i pray you come crush a cup of wine”. Benvolio and Romeo insist on going to the party without telling anyone who they are because , the girl Romeo is in love with will be there. and Benvolio thinks it is a great idea as there are many other beautiful girls there for Romeo to love.

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