how does Shakespeare use metaphor to show Romeo’s inner thoughts in Act 1, scene 4 of Romeo and Juliet ?

 In the play Romeo and Juliet written by William Shakespeare , Shakespeare uses many metaphors to communicate the internal thoughts inside the characters minds. In Act 1 , Scene 4 , Romeo is explaining a bad dream he had the previous night. Saying something bad would begin that night that would lead to an “untimely death”In this scene Romeo says ” He that have steerage of my course, direct my sail ” . This metaphor Shakespeare has used represents  Romeo as the boat by using language such as “steerage, sail and course” and by using the capital H in He it suggests that God is in fact the leader of the ship . Shakespeare explains through this metaphor that Romeo is going to surrender himself to the path he believes God has put in place for him. 




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  1. This is a very clear explanation of Shakespeare’s intentions when having Romeo use this metaphor. A couple of small points:

    1) When you first make a reference to an author/playwright in a piece of formal writing, it’s good to use their full name (William Shakespeare). Then you can go on and simply use their last name alone.

    2) There are some mechanical issues in your sentence confirmation (subject/verb consistency). One way to resolve these is to read your paragraph aloud to yourself. Often this will expose these issues. If you try this can still can’t find anything wrong, call me over to explain.



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